Welcome to this informational website about The Cal Neva revitalization project. Since acquiring the property in 2018, project planning has focused on reopening a lodge and casino similar to previous uses, with significant improvements to the water quality, scenic and energy efficiency. More recently during this time of uncertainty stemming from the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, ownership is reassessing the Cal Neva redevelopment. Planning on the project is currently paused.

Previous Efforts

Prior to COVID-19, the owner, planners and architects were working toward a viable project application to address the regulatory requirements and community desires. As part of evolving the project in balance with the surrounding environment and community, previous efforts of the Cal Neva redevelopment project in the pre-application and design phase included:

  • 2021-22: the on-site revegetation process continues per TRPA requirements.
  • September 2020: general project site debris and dead tree removal occurred through late fall 2020.
  • April 2020: project site and surrounding area clean up efforts occurred monthly, along with the TRPA required on-site revegetation process through early winter 2020.
  • February 2020: inside tower heating project completed.
  • July 2019: construction activity completed to remove a deteriorating structure.
  • April 2019: project redevelopment team appeared before the Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board to extend the property’s gaming license.
  • December 2018: project redevelopment team appeared before the NTRPA for a technical review and recertification of the Structure Housing Gaming volume of the existing Cal Neva structure.
  • October 2018: in response to the community’s interest in the history of the site and desire to learn more about the plans, the project redevelopment team submitted the findings from a Cultural Resources Study. The Study includes preservation recommendations and efforts to explore local heritage partnerships. “In the spirit of preservation, I’m pleased to be in conversations with members of The Cal Neva team at this early stage of the project,” said Bill Watson, Chief Executive and Curator of Thunderbird Lake Tahoe, a non-profit dedicated to saving Lake Tahoe’s art and history. Read more about the Cultural Resources Study HERE.
  • October 2018: the removal of the Nevada-side cabins was completed in accordance with TRPA, Washoe County and IVGID requirements. The project team of award-winning Tahoe basin experts Marlette Environmental Consulting, LLC , Midkiff & Associates, Inc. and Cruz Construction worked closely with fire officials, forestry, landscape and wildlife experts to implement the environmental protection measures. Certain areas of this project remain fenced in to protect the delicate re-seeded areas of the TRPA approved USDA certified noxious weed free seed mix. These site revitalization efforts also brought jobs directly to the local economy while revitalizing the Cal Neva site. “The cabin removal project has provided numerous natural fire breaks and has greatly improved the area’s fire safety,” Mark Regan, Former Fire Marshal, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District. Refer to images below.
  • August 2018: the project redevelopment team hosted a well-attended Community Listening Session at the Incline Village public library.

Project Area – Cabin Removal Completed

(those shaded blue have been removed)

hydroseeding and revegetation protects the areas where cabins have been removed

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